The theoretical possibility of the use of electromagnetic generators to power our homes and businesses has been studied for a very long time. One name that is familiar to many people and closely associated with the study of electromagnetism is that of Nikola Tesla. He was born in 1856 and passed away in New York City in 1943, so these ideas have been around for decades, but they had never been fully developed until recently. Now, you can find the plans for building electromagnetic generators online, and when you read what people who are using them have to say, it is clear that they are very effective and easy to construct.

When you look around at the earth, the solar system, and the galaxy, you see that electromagnetic energy is the driving force behind all of the motion that we see, and of course in our system the solar magnetic field is the most powerful force. The magnetic field of the moon is what causes the tides to ebb and flow, and indeed, the magnetic poles of the earth create a magnetic field around the planet itself. It seems as though the universe is powered by an organic electromagnetic generator of sorts, so it is only natural that we would eventually tap into this force and use it to get our own free electricity.

Most people are surprised to to find out that the United States gets around 67% percent of its electricity through the consumption of coal and natural gas. These fossil fuels, particularly coal, do not burn clean, and this takes an enormous toll on the environment. And beyond that, they are finite resources, so we will run out of them eventually, and the cost of these fuels will rise as they become more scarce. Electromagnetic generators are a viable alternative, and we can all start to build our own energy independence by simply obtaining the plans and the materials and taking action.

One of the best reasons to consider using electromagnetic generators to provide you with power rather than buying it from the big energy monopolies is purely economic. When the economy is slow, it has a snowball effect that has far reaching impact, and it is hard to turn that momentum around. A lack of economic growth results in high unemployment, and when a lot of people are out there looking for jobs, those that have them need to be looking over their shoulders. It’s hard to demand a raise when there are so many job seekers in the marketplace, so these days it’s hard to anticipate a lot of wage growth.

So the best way to free up some extra money is to get rid of some expenses, and electromagnetic generators can save you thousand of dollars over the course of the year, and that can make a big impact on your finances. Depending on your average electric bill, the use of electromagnetic generators can save you as much four or five hundred dollars a month. That’s cold hard cash in your pocket, and if you got a hundred dollar a week raise at work you would surely be celebrating, so this is nothing to sneeze at.

One of the very appealing things about electromagnetic generators is that they are very simple to construct using easy to follow directions that you can find online. The cost to get started is very low as well, so this free energy power resource is within reach of the everyday consumer who is working with a tight budget.

The money that you save using electromagnetic generators is significant, but there are other advantages to going off grid as well. When you use a free energy generator you are doing no harm to the environment, and you are making sure that you will have electricity even if the power lines go down due to some sort of natural disaster or other emergency. If you want to continue to enjoy a decent degree of economic freedom during tough times reducing your expenses is key, and use of electromagnetic generators is an ideal way to trim the economic fat.

When you think about what you would need in the event of some sort of disaster or civil emergency, one of the most important things is electricity, and this reality is spurring an increasing interest in electromagnetic generators. When you look at the government’s responses to some of the situations that have occurred in recent years, it becomes painfully clear that you really can’t count on anyone to make sure that your needs are met other than yourself. Some people are angered by this, but the best way to use that emotion is as inspiration to take control of your own life and build an energy generator.

There is an unlimited store of free power available to all of us through the harnessing of electromagnetic energy, and this was known all the way back in the late 1800s when Nikola Tesla was making his research public. Simply put, magnets have the power to move things, and that movement can be used to power a magnetic generator. The magnetic motor free energy generators that are out there use very finely placed magnets to turn plates or rotors, and that rotation is the source of the power. These electromagnetic generators really work, and if you are skeptical at all, you can actually find video of them in action on the Internet if you do a search.

If you don’t want to be at the mercy of the government and the power monopolies, electromagnetic generators are the ideal solution to give you total autonomy. This is some incredible peace of mind to have in the event of an emergency, but even when the grid is up and running it is far better to generate your own free energy rather than paying the corporations to provide it to you. Emergency preparation is a serious matter in these turbulent and uncertain times, and electromagnetic generators are a very good way to make sure that you are prepared in the event of an energy outage or shutdown of any kind.

The cost of the power that we buy from the big corporate energy monopolies is steadily on the rise, and this fact of life has a lot of people looking into alternative solutions such as electromagnetic generators. There was a time when the principles of electromagnetism that lie at the root of magnetic generator technology had not been fully developed into a workable device, but now, electromagnetic generators are available to everyone, and the use of these free generators is increasing dramatically by the day. We no longer have to rely on the electricity companies for power, and it is so easy to get started using an electromagnetic generator you will be truly amazed.

There are some companies already offering magnetic motor free energy generators, but the most cost effective and efficient way to tap into the the power of electromagnetic energy is to build your own energy generator. It has been widely theorized that the plans for building electromagnetic generators have existed for decades but been have been suppressed by the powers that be who don’t want people to be able to generate free electricity. These days, however, due to the freedom that world wide web affords us, this suppression can no longer take place, and the instructions for building your own electromagnetic generator can be easily accessed by anyone who has a computer and an Internet connection.

For many people the thought of getting off the grid and using an electromagnetic generator to power their homes sounds like a fantastic idea, but a luxury rather than a necessity. However, the fossil fuels that are presently used to provide most of our electricity are a limited resource, and as it gets more difficult to extract them prices will skyrocket. So, the use of electromagnetic generators may not be a luxury at all–they may become a necessity when you can no longer afford the high cost of staying on the corporate power grid. Everyone should do their research and consider converting to magnetic energy generation, both to save money in the near term and protect themselves from the inevitable price increases that loom over the horizon as fossil fuels become more scarce.

There are some very legitimate concerns about the long term viability of burning fossil fuels as our primary source of power, and electromagnetic generators are the obvious solution to this impending problem. Many people don’t realize that some 67% of the electricity that we use here in the United States is generated through the burning of coal (46%), natural gas (20%), and petroleum (1%). These resources are costly to extract, and they do not exist in unlimited quantities, plus, they pollute the environment (claims about “clean coal” notwithstanding). The use of electromagnetic generators would eliminate the need for these expensive, finite and environmentally harmful fossil fuels.

When you consider the science behind electromagnetic generators you immediately realize that they are one of the most efficient alternative energy solutions available today. The way the electromagnetic generator works is that very strong magnets are placed in just the right way to spin a rotor, and this rotor powers the generator. It is as simple as that, and electromagnetic generators are now on the market, but if you prefer to do it yourself, you can get plans online that spell out exactly how to build one of these free energy generators for yourself.

The key to making sure that you are prepared for the future as fossil fuel availability continues to dwindle is to get busy building alternatives as soon as possible. What do you think is going to happen as it gets harder and harder to extract fossil fuels from the ground? Of course, prices will steadily rise, and before you know it you may be paying so much for power that you have virtually no discretionary income. Electromagnetic generators are the wise choice for people who can see over the horizon, and there is really no time to waste if you want to be prepared for the changing times ahead.